Ventureprise Launch NC IDEA Fall 2017 Alumni

27 Software

27 Software U.S. was formed in order to monetize our internal software development tool, DART.  DART is a tool that automates a large portion of the work required to develop enterprise-level, data-driven applications.  Our previous clients have found 33% time savings for smaller projects and scaling up all the way up to 90% or greater time savings vs hand coding and object relational mapping tools (ORMs) on large projects.  DART frees developers to focus on the unique and value-added aspects of a coding project while providing greatly reduced development costs and timelines for the business.

Lee Larson, Michael Taylor and Graham Kerswell

Bova Metrics

BovaMetrics is the developer of Equilla, a digital assistant specifically designed to pair the experience and knowledge of the human wealth adviser with the automation of an Augmented Intelligence algorithm. Equilla constantly works behind the scenes to boost portfolio performance with higher annual returns averaging over 140 bps. For our customers, we emphasize that Equilla is compatible with existing investment strategies and with asset allocation and re-alignment software, there is no learning curve, it is cloud based and plug & play, and it works in both up/down markets. Equilla is built for long term money, such as retirement plans, endowments, trusts, or high net worth individuals.

Curtis Watkins, Mike Mason and Robert Van Art

Fashion 2407

Infinity Brands provides quality apparel using the up-to-to-the-moment technology and fashion trends for discerning customers interested in making the world a better place through their purchasing decisions.

Candace Taylor Anderson and Margaret Fleeman


Med Portal has created both a virtual platform and strategy to increase engagement and collaboration among the medical community.  Our go-to-market strategy includes value propositions for professional medical associations, medical professionals, and vendors. The key feature of the platform is that activity is tracked, assigned time values, and reported back to the customer. 

Eric Kirsch


Connecting fitness equipment to social and augmented reality workout experiences.

Rick Terrell

Property Bite

Siddhartha Khodour


Qlexii™ uses artificial intelligence to suggest measurement-based alterations to garments before they are assembled. Qlexii™ uses customer-provided measurements to suggest standard sizing or allow customers to mix and switch specific garment elements to achieve a more perfect fit. Like acoat but need shorter sleeves than offered on the suggested standard size? Qlexii™ allows users to simply change out the sleeves while maintaining the rest of the size elements on the garment.

Jasmine Williams


UFloss is a custom fit flossing system. This system is comprised of the UFloss base, a custom fit UFloss cartridge, and the UFloss UV cleaning case. UFloss Users will download the UFloss mobile application. User will then upload their dental files through either a dental impression mold, an intraoral camera image, or intraoral scans from dental offices and orthocare offices powered by UFloss. These images and scans ensure that each UFloss is specifically designed for maximum comfort and cleaning for
individual dental patterns.

CJ Mason