Ventureprise Launch NC IDEA Spring 2017 Alumni


Agingo organizes the Internet so you can get back to websites without searching.

Jacob Hall


Knedia is a data-driven, knowledge-focused digital communication and engagement platform designed to foster community around climate science accessibility and understanding for everyone.  

Ben Eriandson

North Compass- Dynamic Process Management System

Documenting quality procedures is necessary for certification purposes but delivering on that quality mandate is dependent on enforcement and compliance. Dynamic Process Management (DPM) is a process, supported by an automated tool, to develop best practice procedures, ensure compliance, collect documentation.

Mitchell Drew Marshall, Jr.


Redipay is a Crypto Currency Broker Cum Exchange. Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin from a trusted provider. All orders are processed manually, by our experts, to ensure there is no mistake!

Mark Gulley


Julian Walker

Yobi Fund

Yobifund is a ubiquitous and scalable electronic digital investment portal

Darrell Hubbard