Internships and GIG-Ternships

As a founder and business owner, you will just need to click on the above link to create the experience and complete the form. Once approved it will be posted and marketed to students, and interested students will contact you directly for an interview or any next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions, email Jay Skipworth,

Q: What is the difference between a Gig-Ternship and Internship?

A: A Gig-ternship is a short-term project that an organization might need help with and there is not enough work to meet the guidelines for a full internship but still constitutes a creative learning experience for the student. Please complete the Gig-Ternship Form.  

An Internship is an experience that provides a student with hands on experience relating to their course of study while providing an organization with an opportunity to provide students career related skills through projects and career level responsibilities. Please complete the Internship Form.

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Q: As a business owner, how descriptive do I need to be on the form?

A: Be as descriptive as possible. You want to convey how the student will benefit from the experience. Be clear on the tasks to be completed, skills needed and the outcomes you desire.  Click on the examples below for more detail.

Data Analyst Example

Sales Prospecting Example

Social Media Example 

Q: When am I able to send in my request?

A: Immediately. 

Q: Are these paid or unpaid?

A: Both. Just make sure to specify in the job description.

Q: As a business owner, am I able to contact the applicant directly after receiving their resume?

A: Yes. The student will be responsible for filing the paperwork if an offer is made.