Ventureprise Launch NC IDEA Fall 2018 Alumni

Dormitory 101

Dormitory 101's mission is to create a valuable premium blanket line that does not only serves as a bed blanket but also a lifelong keepsake. Its blanket achieves its worth through its texture, comfort, and durability. 

Lana Troung


SPF has a Patented "Solar Fence" which is primarily used for heating swimming pools and/or spas- (all in-ground pools require the installation of a fence) - and also have a "Bolt-On" product to adapt onto existing fences. Future applications can be modified to heat (or preheat) domestic water sources. The water runs thru a Patented system within the fence - but simultaneously heats the water while the invention serves the purpose of a traditional fence structurally, and decoratively.

Randall Rutkai

snugwicks, llc

The Sugwicks, LLC has a patent-pending Snugwicks ORIGINAL WRAP that is a wearable garment that captures the splattering, the spread of bacteria, and that wet doggy smell while it dries a dog. Instead of a towel (or four), the Snugwicks ORIGINAL WRAP can be used to take a dog from soggy to lightly damp without any hassle.

Cathleen Ulicny and Megan Byrd


JouleScout is helping people make money by being smarter about when to use energy at home. Its goal is to strengthen the relationship between electricity providers and their customers.

DeAndrea Salvador and Kate Friedheim, LLC 

Fossch is a family, online social support communication platform that allows family members to seamlessly plan family reunions, create a real-time family tree, genealogy search, DNA testing, group chat, family game night and more- on a single platform.

Walter Staton

snatcher, inc.

Snatcher, INC (now CoreSnatcher) is a workout tool that helps in shaping one's core.

Jacqueline Goldston Moss