Ventureprise Launch NC IDEA Spring 2019 Alumni


Amissa is assistive wearable technology for individuals with Autism, Alzheimer's, Asperger's, and related dementias to enhance their safety, well-being, reduce disability, and improve quality of life. In addition, Amissa compiles cased-based and aggregated data to identify wandering patterns and conduct predictive analytics utilizing artificial intelligence. Our vision is to identify when individuals will wander and to alert families and caregivers ahead of an event to avoid a dangerous situation.

Jon Corkey


At Produce Relief™ provides farmers in both the produce and cannabis industries, high-tech product marketing solutions. These solutions provide a window into the lives these products lead before making it to market. 

Krystal Barker 


BatteryXchange is a technology and logistics company apart of the sharing economy. BatteryXchange partners with local restaurants, coffee shops, and bars to place our battery kiosks machines inside their locations.  BatteryXchange users can rent portable batteries for their cell phones while on the go and once finished they can drop off batteries anywhere throughout a city where there are available kiosks.

Desmond Wiggins & Aubrey Yeboah


Eutzi is a wearable social media connected translation device which takes friends' reactions to posts and translates them into colors.  It is a fun and tangible source of social media interaction that could be readily available to all consumers.  This could be a fresh, "next generation" form of communication that simplifies social media reactions and interactions into a more natural form of communication through color.

Kristen Borel 

Job Toss

Through the use of a mobile application and desktop interface I aim to streamline and simplify the home improvement and maintenance market by directly connecting homeowners to those most suited to their needs while decreasing costs on both ends of the transaction. The platform also aims to address privacy concerns and alleviate some of the consumer trust issues associated with currently available home services aggregation platforms.

Ethan Wood


A web based platform that allows financial professionals to provide financial planning and coaching to undeserved families at an affordable cost. Users will pay a monthly subscription fee to receive financial advice from credentialed professionals. The technology will enable human advisors to service clients more efficiently and cost-effectively, making financial advice more accessible to a broader range of consumers.

Maui Vang

Receipt Drawer

A mobile app that help users store their receipt and gift card while allowing retailers to verify a sale transaction by using a web admin panel. This platform will save every sale transaction by the product serial number. This information will be backed into our server for the retailers to cross reference and to avoid one client shoplifting from one store and return it to another store for store credit or gift card

Assane Badji


Room to Focus makes it easy for mid-tier businesses to capitalize on immersive technologies (collectively called XR), such as Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR), for organizational training, product introduction, onboarding or employee engagement initiatives. Room to Focus is a plug-and-play library of immersive training modules on universally-required subjects, such as diversity training, anti-harassment or generational communication, as well as custom modules as needed.

Lorraine Russell


Sealed Optics aims to manufacture sealed optical components. The term sealed optics proclaims a design engineering philosophy that optical performance and seal integrity are equally critical and necessarily must be considered simultaneously to achieve optimum sealed optic performance.

Grant Schrag & Emily Barton


Shopii is a software application that works directly within a grocer’s e-commerce platform by pairing video meal prep tutorials with the pre-selected food items required to make the meal, allowing the shopper to select the meals she wants to prepare and then fill her cart in seconds with the exact ingredients needed.  Through customized selections based on the store’s offerings and the buyer’s preferences, this process of meal planning, online shopping and scheduled delivery can all be managed within one single, swift online visit. 

Katie Hotzi


WeStory is a primarily mobile app based platform that allows for unique control of media inputs and contribution controls enabling the ability to create a story without holes.  The platform includes a "creatives" marketplace for freelance professionals (photographers, authors, etc) to assist in the story creation.  The freemium model will allow for multiple revenue streams and in-story ad revenue.

Michael Johnson