Entrepreneurial Decisions

Coming Fall 2018: Entrepreneurial Decisions MBAD 5300/ MGMT 4300
New Class Announcement



Entrepreneurial Decisions is a brand new course being offered for the first time in Fall 2018 at UNC Charlotte! Each week, 2-3 entrepreneurs will discuss the decisions they made on key entrepreneurship topics, including starting their businesses as individual founders versus teams, acquiring the right amount and type of capital at the right time, starting a business as a student versus learning on someone else’s dime, gender and race-related challenges, and tenacity and perseverance in overcoming setbacks, among other important topics. The course seeks to help students understand the rationale of these entrepreneurs in making their decisions, perceive what makes the entrepreneurs unique, identify with the entrepreneur role, and begin to develop entrepreneurial networks.

Leading entrepreneurs from the Charlotte community participating in the course include Bryan Delaney (Skookum), Calvin Brock (Jack and Landlords), Chris Elmore (AvidXchange), and Manuel Zapata (Zapata Inc.).

The course is open to any UNCC undergraduate student with at least a junior standing and any graduate student. For undergraduates, the course is listed as a management course MGMT 4300. For graduates, the course is listed through the MBA program as MBAD 5300. The course will be Wednesday evenings at Center City from 5:30-8:15pm.

For more information, please email Prof. Justin Webb at justin.w.webb@uncc.edu.