Entrepreneurial Leadership in Action

Coming Fall 2018: Entrepreneurial Leadership in Action 3000-001
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


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ARSC 3000:                          Becoming a Leader of Innovation

ARSC 3000 (Lab):               Innovation Leadership Lab


ARSC 3000 is an exploration of individual students’ personal leadership potential, a process of reflection on their capacity for entrepreneurialism, and an in-depth examination of how organizations comprised of human beings operate.   Students will read broadly in the area of leadership and organizational science, ranging from contemporary professional sources, to Plato, to Thomas More, to Adam Smith, to the Wall Street Journal, to the Harvard Business Review, and in multiple genres, historical periods, disciplines and forms.  This broad-ranging reading is conducted in the context of real-world thinking and activities designed to help students understand what leadership is, how it can be cultivated, and how leaders can best understand both themselves and the organizations and people they might lead.  In addition to reading, students will: engage in deeply collaborative work with teams (as individual participants and as team leaders); write extensively about their topics of inquiry (in journals, short informal responses, and in professional, formal papers); work on their presentation style, presentation content development and presentation professionalism and effectiveness; and, conduct an in-depth examination of their individual thinking and goals, via multiple reflective practices.  Students will be encouraged to embrace and understand how leaders operate in ambiguity, low-information environments and conflict.   

By the end of the program, students should be able to:

  • Understand and intelligently discuss innovation ecosystems and principles of entrepreneurialism at a high level of complexity; engage in complex strategic conversations addressing organizational and personal challenges relating to leadership
  • Conduct a practical, meaningful assessment of the innovation and entrepreneurial state of organizations and of themselves, and articulate that assessment at a professional level; provide leadership to the growth and improvement of organizational innovation and entrepreneurialism, based on both objective and subjective data.
  • Demonstrate clear innovation and entrepreneurial leadership that reflects a deep understanding of both empirical and subjective elements of innovation ecosystems and the state of being entrepreneurial; understand and implement collaborative leadership strategies in organizations.
  • Develop and optimize a personalized social networking strategy for continued learning and development as a leader and as an entrepreneur.
  • Deploy leadership and management principles in organizational development, especially with respect to culture and leadership.
  • Write and speak clearly and forcefully in the explication and championing of organizational innovation and entrepreneurialism.

This course is an intensive personal immersion into issues of leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation.  The work focuses on YOU, the student, and provides opportunities for both dramatic personal growth as a leader, and broad and practical introduction to multiple leadership skills and models. Students will explore and develop their leadership potential in two domains, the classroom and a business lab.  These will provide:  1) a concentrated classroom experience focused on extensive reading in areas of leadership, risk, trust and failure, along with multiple writing assignments.  2) a team-based, real-world customer discovery experience, working through UNCC’s Ventureprise/iCorps program.  The combination of these two learning environments offers the ambitious student a unique opportunity for learning and growth, and for jumpstarting their effectiveness as a leader.